Happy New Year … May Yours Be Blessed … and 9 Foods You Should Never Eat

Well, its here … 2014.  What a beautiful evening with just my lady and me enjoying some quality time together.

This site at this point is almost a bit of a journal for us.  The traffic has not yet built to the levels we would like to see although we have no doubt that it will.  We will look back in the future and this little note will give us cause to stop and reflect at where we were early in the morning of 2014.

So … Thank You to all of you that are and will be a part of the success of this venture and in so doing … we hope and pray that many will find health and a better life.

The NUMBER ONE Natural Health Website for the ninth straight year is Mercola.com and the NUMBER ONE article in 2013 was the one I will link to today.  Dr. Mercola has been a wealth of information and help for us during our health transformation so what would the New Year be without an article from Dr. Mercola … enjoy.

By Dr. Mercola

Many foods have been heavily promoted as being healthy when they are nothing more than pernicious junk foods. In the featured article, Clean Plates1 founder Jared Koch shared his list of nine staple foods that are far less “good for you” than you’ve been led to believe.

Here, I expand on the selections that are mentioned in the featured article.




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