Raw Food Diet

Are you thinking of a Raw Food Diet? I am and I do, but its a gradual change. Someone asked me once “How the heck do you change from junk to Raw Food?” … great question. I know that I struggled with the same question. I loved the junk. Wow…did I. One day I asked a person much smarter than myself…”how do I make this change, from junk food or mostly junk food, to Raw Food?” And they said … “simply add one thing to your diet that is not there now but fits in with what you have studied about Raw Food” … Simple??? You would think so … but … I have a 3M mind. A Magical Magnifying Mind. I thought about that and thought about that and thought about it again. I thought about it so much that I confused myself and did nothing as a result.

I know what you might be thinking … its simple right … Right!!!! So back to the drawing board and my friend for one more visit. Urging me to simply add ‘one’ thing that I didn’t currently do. So, I added a morning shake. Now I tend to be a grandiose kind of guy and so nothing short of an expensive juicer and a Vitamix would suffice. I could tell you that that was the answer, but, nope. I was now spending hundreds on machines and greens and powders and vitamins and training and this and that. My wife began to like me being sick … it was cheaper. I am kidding of course, but it was cheaper … in the short run.

So now, after all of that, I added a nice healthy drink in the mornings made from fruits and vegetables in a simple machine that pulverizes everything into a nice drinkable breakfast. Am I all better yet, no … but I am well on my way. Just today … I decided … I hate ice cream. I know … but its true … I DECIDED … and you can too. Decide, that the things you ‘like’ that don’t do your body, your mind, or your spirit any good … that you hate them.

Start simple and add just one thing that you don’t do now and before you know it … you will be a newer, happier and more content … you!!!!

Next … A Raw Food Diet for my Dogs 🙂

Till next time …

Bless you …

The Nude Food Dude


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