Raw Food Diet for Dogs; A Simple Approach

Well, I told you this was coming next, and as promised, here it is. Thoughts about a Raw Food Diet for Dogs.

Many people have asked “why should I feed my dog that expensive Raw Food?” Well, there are a number of answers to that question … perhaps as many answers as there are dogs. My goodness, that would be a lot of answers and I am certainly not giving them all here. I will, however, give you my thoughts on Raw Food Diets for Dogs.

Why don’t we start with some benefits to feeding Bowser a Raw Food Diet. Lets see…hmmmm …..

1. A nice shiny coat – that’s always nice. Heck … everyone likes a nice new coat.
2. Smaller poop – yeah baby. Who likes cleaning all THAT up anyway.
3. The Dentist would be proud – Barky Bark will have much cleaner teeth.
4. ENERGY – unless your dog is already the terror of the neighborhood. This will get that Dog up and moving. Just like you and me.
5. What about a nicer smelling Dog. Yes, that’s a good thing. Everyone likes to smell good.
6. Have you checked the price of a bag of Dog Food lately? Yikes. How about saving some money!!
7. More of a ‘natural’ diet for the species. Better for the digestive tract. hmm … more about poop. 🙂
8. Perhaps the BEST reason. VET BILLS. Lets cut those by feeding properly. Huh, what a concept … saving money. 🙂

Not a bad list….but there’s more. You know it, I know it and the American People know it 🙂

How to:

1. You will want to buy the freshest, organic, organ meat and everyday (organic) meats you can. This is the base.
– Look for beef, pork, duck, bison and liver (Oh how they love liver) and poultry.

2. You need to know if your dog is overweight.
– Only so you can gauge how much to feed that crazy critter. Keep an eye on that.

3. Add to the base some organic vegetables.
– Finely chop some spinach, carrots and even some apples into the base. You can even steam the veggies.
– Make enough for 4 or 5 days because you can always freeze it.

4. Feed that Dog only the Raw Food. In other words, do not mix it with the dry dog food you are buying at the store. Dry dog food takes a long time to pass through the digestive tract. Raw is much quicker. You can alternate if you wish. One meal dry dog food and one meal Raw Dog Food but don’t mix them.

5. Your dog may be used to eating the store-bought product for some time, so lets ease them in slowly. Do not worry if you think they are not acting ‘normal’ when it comes to ‘pooping’. There will be an adjustment period. Its okay. Remember that the commercial product is infused with artificial ingredients and food coloring etc. It takes more than a day to detox your dog of all that unnecessary garbage.

6. Do not give up. Keep on until you see a new ‘spark’ in Sparky. A new bounce and a desire to … well you know. That Dog is going to love you for this.

7. Keep your eyes open to places and sales where you can obtain your meat and veggies cheaper and remember … if YOU are eating organic and partially raw … there are things you can share with your furry buddy.

8. Above all … Have Fun and experiment. Its fun to see your Dog on a Raw Food Diet and the new energy it will give them.

OH, and about that first question up top … It’s not that expensive to feed your Dog with organic food if you shop wisely. Obviously, that will be easy for you … after all you ARE looking at feeding you dog organically … and that’s wise. 🙂


Happy eating Rover.

Till next time … I remain …

The Nude Food Dude

Bless you

3 thoughts on “Raw Food Diet for Dogs; A Simple Approach

    1. In my most humble opinion, I truly think that our animals are the very essence of love. We learn so much about unconditional love from our pets and yet, many of us seem to abuse them with feeding them garbage. So Thank You for commenting.

      Nude Food Dude

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