Raw Food Diet … revisited

Good Day My Fellow Raw Foodists ….

These are some further thoughts about a Raw Food Diet. Like anything in life, including exercise, it is always a good plan to start moderately and move slowly into Raw Foodism. As I have written in a previous post, you may simply wish to add just one thing to your existing diet that relates to Raw Food and do that consistently. Soon, you will be dropping things from your old diet to make way for the new. It should be, in my opinion, a gradual change. Don’t forget to ask for help if you need it. Sometimes having a coach is all we need to effect a positive change in our lives … whether it’s food, or many other areas. Someone to lean on a bit will help.

What’s Possible:
• Eliminate headaches
• Relieve allergies
• Assist in better memory function
• Boost immunity
• Help with Arthritis and Diabetes
• Weight Loss

Other Benefits:
• High Vitamin Intake
• Increased Fiber Intake
• Increased Energy Levels
• Brighter Skin and Better Skin Tone
• Most Raw Foods are naturally gluten free
• This life style of eating can be done alone. No meetings, fees and dues etc.

What’s Good to Eat:
• The More Organic You Can Eat the Better
• Veggies and Fruits
• Seeds, Nuts and some Sprouted Grains
• Fish – (not farmed)
• Beef – (Organic only)
• Eggs – (Organic)
• Some eat Unpasteurized Dairy Foods

• Do not heat your food above 118 degrees F.
• Clean your fruits and vegetables properly before use. Buy ORGANIC vegetable cleaner.
• Try to eat most of your food uncooked. (exceptions – Fish, Beef)
• You may need a blender, juicer or a NutriBullet.
• Consider dehydrating and sprouting.

• Eating Raw does create a few challenges with regard to cooking techniques.
• There can be a lot of waste … mostly fruit and vegetable pulp if you are juicing.
• Shopping is more of a challenge. Your regular store may not carry the organics you need.
• Cost of food can be higher.

• You can leave a message here or simply come back and read.
• Online resources are abundant
• Recipes, both here and online

Generally, this is not difficult. You should consult your doctor if you are going to start a Raw Food Diet. If you are pregnant, have chronic medical conditions, weak immune systems etc. … a Raw Food Diet may not be for you. Your medical professional will know best.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Continued Blessings …

The Nude Food Dude



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