JUICING … Yes or No?

I know for me, juicing has been a life saver. Juicing has allowed me to cleanse, get the vegetables I need and just the right amount of fruit and re-energize myself. I do not like too much fruit because of the sugar content. However, one thing that was important to me was the fiber and honestly, juicing doesn’t have too much fiber content. The pulp left from juicing can of course be used for muffins, put into stews and other things. I like to dehydrate the pulp, grind it up fine and use it as a seasoning on salads etc.

Recently, I have been using the Nutribullet and have found it to be an amazing machine. Almost all skins etc., can be put into in and so you get the fiber you need and the intense vitamins and minerals. I have to say that after just two weeks of using it, I have an awful lot of energy.

For me … Juicing is a HUGE … YES!!!

Here is an article worth reading …

Till we meet again ….

The Nude Food Dude.


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