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In a recent post I rambled on about the amount of money, time, effort and even research I spent on equipment, vitamins, tests, seminars and everything I thought I needed to work towards getting to RAW FOOD.  Well, lately, I have been using the NutriBullet, you know, the one that David Wolfe promotes.  Let me tell you, that is a fine unit.

Today, I was running a bit late for work and I thought “Gosh Nude Food Dude” … “you don’t have time to eat”.  That was at 12:35 PM.  I had to leave quickly.  So then I thought … “Hey, Nude Food Dude” … “how fast can you prepare something in the bullet?”

I know … I talk to myself a lot …

Let me say, even I was impressed.  I had a wonderful healthy drink made for the moment, enough to put into a thermos for later today and practically no mess.  I was cleaned up, fed, thermos packed and in my vehicle by 12:47 PM.

How about that?  I have found this little machine very valuable.  I don’t get paid anything to talk about, use or promote the Nutribullet, but I will say … it is a wise investment.  Raw Foodists, Vegans, Vegetarians, Raw Food Guru’s and anyone looking to improve their health will do well with this little machine.

One more thing Raw Food friends.  It only cost me 80 bucks.  A far cry from the 700.00 that the Vita-mix cost.  However, the Vita-mix, in my opinion is still a wonderful machine.

Till next time

Continued blessings …

The Nude Food Dude


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