RAW FOOD … BORING!!!!!!!!!!! or BORING????? Are You Kidding??

Good day my little bevy of Nudies …. May I call you that?  Nudies 🙂

Dictionary … bev·y … noun

“a large group of people or things of a particular kind.”
  1. “he was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls”  In this case … A large group of Nudies, or, more commonly known as … Raw Foodists, Rawbies, Rawnites and so on. 🙂

So, I was chattin’ ‘er up with this guy … Matthew … my son actually, and he says … “Wow dad” … “that is some kind of boring shit you got going on there” … “Raw Food” … “Raw Food Diet” … “Raw Food Recipes”.  ” Wassup with that?  Its soooooo BORING!!!!!!!!”

I say “Huh?” …  “Raw Food is the MOST exciting, MOST energizing, MOST amazing topic there is … son” “Don’t swear or I’ll wash your mouth out with Organic Vegetable Cleaner.”  A threat he seems reluctant to take seriously.  Just wait until he feels that scrub brush on the back of his Fast Food laden little throat.

Anyway, I would you like all of you to chime in on this little debate I am having with my boy,  Do YOU think the topic of Raw Food is boring?  Let me know.  Together we will teach that miserable little McDonalds Hamburger eating shit who’s boss.

Till later my team

Bless you

The Nude Food Dude


2 thoughts on “RAW FOOD … BORING!!!!!!!!!!! or BORING????? Are You Kidding??

  1. Ahem …

    As your McDonald’s hamburger eating SON … AND your webmaster … ahem … I would STRONGLY encourage you to consider that BEFORE I read this article (and I read them ALL) I had quite literally, just seconds prior, posted a link to your next article for all of my personal associates on Facebook to see and said how much I enjoy reading the articles on here.

    But NOW … now that I’ve read THIS!!!

    Now, I can honestly say, I am looking even MORE forward to reading your articles. Not because I have to, to see what kind of slanderous light you are shining on me, but because … hey … SOMEONE FINALLY BLOGGED ABOUT ME!!! 🙂

    What I actually said was that YOU, father, make raw food NOT boring. It was a compliment. Looking forward to your next dousing of wit.


    Miserable McDonald’s Man

    1. OMG!!!! Nudies … do you see that?? and I quote … “SOMEONE FINALLY BLOGGED ABOUT ME!!! … OMG!!!! Don’t you just want to puke? Poor baby. Just because he is my son, my webmaster, the very person responsible for making this site happen so beautifully, the guy that creates movies, books, video presentations, International releases of movies like “Doug Jensen .. The Man The Myth The Legend” … cards, letters, arranges calls to me from no other than Christopher Walken … for my birthday … he is feeling neglected. Awwww. After ALL I have done for him. I would tell you that here, but I would not have time and it would no-doubt be too lengthy of a list for you to read.:) But trust me … its a long list, and you CAN trust me … after all … I am in sales.

      Truthfully, the boy is a King among men, a Leader among Webmasters, a Monument to how a son should treat a father (and I mean that from my heart), a Shining Example of a father himself, and I will get A LOT OF SUPPORT on this one … He (my son MATTHEW) is the Definition of what it means to be a ‘friend’. There are Hip Hop stars, budding Hip Hop stars, movie stars and just plain normal folk, that will attest to that, and from what I hear (A GIANT as a husband too).

      He must get that from me … his mother, my first wife :), told me once that I was a ‘model’ husband. Naturally, I already knew that …and then one day as I was basking in ALL that (after divorce) I looked up ‘model’ in the dictionary. YUP, you guessed it … it means …. “a small imitation of the real thing” …ya. I know. No wonder about the divorce 🙂

      However, My Matthew truly is an incredible person in all the areas I have mentioned and more.

      Now if I could just get the little shit off of McDonald’s food 🙂

      Till next time … I remain …

      Loving my son

      The Nude Food Dude

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