Raw Food Diet For Dogs …. continued

Good day my lovely little nudies 🙂  A while back, Jan 8th, I did an article on Raw Food for Dogs; A Simple Approach.  I know many of  you saw it and, well, in a word, loved it.  I received a number of replies to which I thank you all.  There is one though, that requires special attention and I think you … all of you … should check out this web site.  If you love your pet, its worth a look and then some.

Here … 




The Nude Food Dude

3 thoughts on “Raw Food Diet For Dogs …. continued

    1. Love this! Totally agree! I used to feel like I was getting the looks when I would dish out my folurma to mix when in public or shopping for it. Felt like I should have a sign that I put up like a flag on the bottle, “Sorry for the folurma folks, his adopted what did you want me to do!”Cathy E. Cathy’s Voice

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