I dare you.   Go ahead.  Google ‘Raw Milk’.  There are over 42 million results.  42 MILLION!!!!  That’s a way more money than I make in a year.  For sure.  I am aghast at the raging war, the bubbling cauldron of hatred that comes forth from some of the sites and the blogs.  Wow!!  Who knew that milk could cause such an uproar.  Please, research it yourself.  Its worth it.  Perhaps you don’t really want to feed you and your children store bought  milk or perhaps you do … but either way … please be informed.  Here is a link you might like to read.  I will leave  you to it as I sit back and enjoy a nice tall cool glass of milk,  directly out of the cow … mmmmm.


Go ahead … I dare you … click here … 


The Nude Food Dude


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