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OH THE EXCITEMENT … Can’t You Just Feel It ???

Good afternoon Nudie ‘ville … I found myself thinking about Raw Food today and guess what … I got so excited about ALL the possibilities of Raw ‘ness. I mean, ideas were ‘rocketing’ into my brain. A veritable ‘river’ of ideas and dreams.

I was dizzy with excitement as I thought about carrots, apples, kale, spinach and … ready??? Ginger … ya? You hear me? Yes you do. 🙂 it was amazing. Once I was able to catch my breath and compose myself I just knew it was important for me to get a recipe out to you right away.

Just think about that for a moment … still thinking? Good, and I know what you are probably feeling … “Raw Food … this is better than chocolate” which is better (apparently) than that other thing … you know … the ‘unmentionable’ thing. Ya, it start with and S and ends with an X? Remember?

Anyway, I wonder what people thought about before Raw Food? Probably nothing. Of course, what condition could their brains be in … eating cooked and processed food … I mean … yukky!!!!

So, upon further thought, … I have decided to let YOU post a recipe to me … so … I’m waiting.

Oh, be the way … I Love chocolate. That’s not to say I don’t like the ‘other thing’ … but I sure like chocolate.

Till next time my favorite nudies…. Blessings…

The Nude Food Dude



I dare you.   Go ahead.  Google ‘Raw Milk’.  There are over 42 million results.  42 MILLION!!!!  That’s a way more money than I make in a year.  For sure.  I am aghast at the raging war, the bubbling cauldron of hatred that comes forth from some of the sites and the blogs.  Wow!!  Who knew that milk could cause such an uproar.  Please, research it yourself.  Its worth it.  Perhaps you don’t really want to feed you and your children store bought  milk or perhaps you do … but either way … please be informed.  Here is a link you might like to read.  I will leave  you to it as I sit back and enjoy a nice tall cool glass of milk,  directly out of the cow … mmmmm.


Go ahead … I dare you … click here … 


The Nude Food Dude


Raw Food Diet For Dogs …. continued

Good day my lovely little nudies 🙂  A while back, Jan 8th, I did an article on Raw Food for Dogs; A Simple Approach.  I know many of  you saw it and, well, in a word, loved it.  I received a number of replies to which I thank you all.  There is one though, that requires special attention and I think you … all of you … should check out this web site.  If you love your pet, its worth a look and then some.

Here … 




The Nude Food Dude

ORGANIC SMOOTHIES … Yummy or Not … Here We Come

I am going to link to an article in a moment that will help you get started on Yummy Green Smoothies.  I know I know, I felt the same way at first.  “Gag me with a spoon” … I ain’t doing that crap.  However, after trial and error and a lot of wasted veggies because it was just too disgusting to put in my throat, I have developed some very nice and palatable Green Smoothies.  But don’t just take my word for it … try this link and see what you think.


Here … 

Till later my fine Nudies 🙂

The Nude Food Dude


RAW FOOD … BORING!!!!!!!!!!! or BORING????? Are You Kidding??

Good day my little bevy of Nudies …. May I call you that?  Nudies 🙂

Dictionary … bev·y … noun

“a large group of people or things of a particular kind.”
  1. “he was surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls”  In this case … A large group of Nudies, or, more commonly known as … Raw Foodists, Rawbies, Rawnites and so on. 🙂

So, I was chattin’ ‘er up with this guy … Matthew … my son actually, and he says … “Wow dad” … “that is some kind of boring shit you got going on there” … “Raw Food” … “Raw Food Diet” … “Raw Food Recipes”.  ” Wassup with that?  Its soooooo BORING!!!!!!!!”

I say “Huh?” …  “Raw Food is the MOST exciting, MOST energizing, MOST amazing topic there is … son” “Don’t swear or I’ll wash your mouth out with Organic Vegetable Cleaner.”  A threat he seems reluctant to take seriously.  Just wait until he feels that scrub brush on the back of his Fast Food laden little throat.

Anyway, I would you like all of you to chime in on this little debate I am having with my boy,  Do YOU think the topic of Raw Food is boring?  Let me know.  Together we will teach that miserable little McDonalds Hamburger eating shit who’s boss.

Till later my team

Bless you

The Nude Food Dude


ORGANIC … or NON ORGANIC ??? The Debate Rages On.

Well, evenin y’all.   That’s my Southern accent.  Not sure where it comes from but it sounds kinda sexy if you ask me.  But then, you didn’t ask, so I’ll get to the point of this blog.  As the title suggests … Organic Food? or Non Organic Food?  Yes indeed, the debate rages on.  In my mind though, the battle may be raging on, but the war has been won.  Organic … yes. Non Organic … no.

What??? You might say.  Who is this Nude Food Dude and who does he think he is opining in such a stubborn fashion?  Cool huh?  Its my opinion from literally years of study and of course trial and error.  There is simply too much information that leads one to the conclusion that Organic is healthier, safer and better for you than Non Organic Food.   Also, the more raw the better.

Here is an article that will give you more information and if cost is an issue as it can be for a lot of  us, there is a list of the top 10 most contaminated foods.  If you can switch to this 10 alone, your health will benefit tremendously.

More here … 

Until next time …


Bless you

The Nude Food Dude

Raw Living Expo

No doubt, most of  you know about the web site ‘Raw For Thirty” or have seen the movie.  If not, you will want to check out this site.

From the site …

Today I want to give a shout out to a group of people who are doing amazing work in the world of nutritional awareness and conscious living.
If you’re a health food nut like me, you’ve probably already heard of the Raw Living Expo – one of the biggest living food exhibitions on the planet.  If you have not, this three day gathering features some of the leading experts in alternative nutrition as they share cutting edge information on the the future of food and new breakthroughs in health and wellness.
After a successful event last year in Sedona, Arizona, the Raw Living Expo comes to Southern California. Taking place January 31 – February 2, 2014, this annual gathering of enlightened eating brings a global group of enthusiasts to the Hyatt Westlake Village for three days of panels, demos, meals and parties.
With over 50 presenters the Raw Living Expo features professional chef demos, keynotes, workshops, the Best of Raw Awards gala, receptions, after parties, films, a mini conference for raw entrepreneurs, and more. There will also be an exhibit hall with over 50 top raw and other companies sampling and vending.


Nude Food Dude


JUICING … Yes or No?

I know for me, juicing has been a life saver. Juicing has allowed me to cleanse, get the vegetables I need and just the right amount of fruit and re-energize myself. I do not like too much fruit because of the sugar content. However, one thing that was important to me was the fiber and honestly, juicing doesn’t have too much fiber content. The pulp left from juicing can of course be used for muffins, put into stews and other things. I like to dehydrate the pulp, grind it up fine and use it as a seasoning on salads etc.

Recently, I have been using the Nutribullet and have found it to be an amazing machine. Almost all skins etc., can be put into in and so you get the fiber you need and the intense vitamins and minerals. I have to say that after just two weeks of using it, I have an awful lot of energy.

For me … Juicing is a HUGE … YES!!!

Here is an article worth reading …

Till we meet again ….

The Nude Food Dude.