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Raw … Random Thoughts

In a recent post I rambled on about the amount of money, time, effort and even research I spent on equipment, vitamins, tests, seminars and everything I thought I needed to work towards getting to RAW FOOD.  Well, lately, I have been using the NutriBullet, you know, the one that David Wolfe promotes.  Let me tell you, that is a fine unit.

Today, I was running a bit late for work and I thought “Gosh Nude Food Dude” … “you don’t have time to eat”.  That was at 12:35 PM.  I had to leave quickly.  So then I thought … “Hey, Nude Food Dude” … “how fast can you prepare something in the bullet?”

I know … I talk to myself a lot …

Let me say, even I was impressed.  I had a wonderful healthy drink made for the moment, enough to put into a thermos for later today and practically no mess.  I was cleaned up, fed, thermos packed and in my vehicle by 12:47 PM.

How about that?  I have found this little machine very valuable.  I don’t get paid anything to talk about, use or promote the Nutribullet, but I will say … it is a wise investment.  Raw Foodists, Vegans, Vegetarians, Raw Food Guru’s and anyone looking to improve their health will do well with this little machine.

One more thing Raw Food friends.  It only cost me 80 bucks.  A far cry from the 700.00 that the Vita-mix cost.  However, the Vita-mix, in my opinion is still a wonderful machine.

Till next time

Continued blessings …

The Nude Food Dude


Raw Food Diet … revisited

Good Day My Fellow Raw Foodists ….

These are some further thoughts about a Raw Food Diet. Like anything in life, including exercise, it is always a good plan to start moderately and move slowly into Raw Foodism. As I have written in a previous post, you may simply wish to add just one thing to your existing diet that relates to Raw Food and do that consistently. Soon, you will be dropping things from your old diet to make way for the new. It should be, in my opinion, a gradual change. Don’t forget to ask for help if you need it. Sometimes having a coach is all we need to effect a positive change in our lives … whether it’s food, or many other areas. Someone to lean on a bit will help.

What’s Possible:
• Eliminate headaches
• Relieve allergies
• Assist in better memory function
• Boost immunity
• Help with Arthritis and Diabetes
• Weight Loss

Other Benefits:
• High Vitamin Intake
• Increased Fiber Intake
• Increased Energy Levels
• Brighter Skin and Better Skin Tone
• Most Raw Foods are naturally gluten free
• This life style of eating can be done alone. No meetings, fees and dues etc.

What’s Good to Eat:
• The More Organic You Can Eat the Better
• Veggies and Fruits
• Seeds, Nuts and some Sprouted Grains
• Fish – (not farmed)
• Beef – (Organic only)
• Eggs – (Organic)
• Some eat Unpasteurized Dairy Foods

• Do not heat your food above 118 degrees F.
• Clean your fruits and vegetables properly before use. Buy ORGANIC vegetable cleaner.
• Try to eat most of your food uncooked. (exceptions – Fish, Beef)
• You may need a blender, juicer or a NutriBullet.
• Consider dehydrating and sprouting.

• Eating Raw does create a few challenges with regard to cooking techniques.
• There can be a lot of waste … mostly fruit and vegetable pulp if you are juicing.
• Shopping is more of a challenge. Your regular store may not carry the organics you need.
• Cost of food can be higher.

• You can leave a message here or simply come back and read.
• Online resources are abundant
• Recipes, both here and online

Generally, this is not difficult. You should consult your doctor if you are going to start a Raw Food Diet. If you are pregnant, have chronic medical conditions, weak immune systems etc. … a Raw Food Diet may not be for you. Your medical professional will know best.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Continued Blessings …

The Nude Food Dude



Pesticides Used on Organic Produce

Well my dear readers, here is a disturbing story and one that reminds us to be vigilant about our Raw Food, even the organics ….

As much as eight per cent of organic produce tested by Canadian inspectors has so much pesticide residue that experts say there is a strong indication synthetic chemicals were deliberately used, a CBC News investigation has found.

Health Canada sets a maximum residue limit (MRL) for food products, representing the most that is expected to remain on food when a pesticide is used according to label directions. …



More here … 

Doctors said persuading people to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish and olive oil is ‘best strategy currently available’.

Are you kidding me?  These are Doctors?  Promoting a healthy FOOD BASED medicine?  Are you a Raw Foodist?  Foodism is your thing?  Do you think that food … especially Raw Food can heal?  Well, it can and more and more Doctors are agreeing.  Big Pharma may be at the beginning stages of attack.  I only know that there are too many success stories  and testimonials of people receiving miraculous healings as result of diet and most notably … a Raw Diet or a high percentage of Raw Food in their Diets.  Here is an interesting article that I discovered that you may like.  If someone in your family is experiencing Dementia … then read on dear reader ….



Go ahead … click here for more …

The Nude Food Dude





Sexy and Raw … I knew it :)

Being the Nude Food Dude, in its very essence … makes me sexy. I know it, you know it and the American people know it. Now, I have discovered an article the supports that belief … 🙂

Enjoy …

I am often asked if a raw food diet makes for better sex or perhaps makes you sexier. And, because I have a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and I advocate enhancing raw food, I should be in the position to answer that exciting, widely-asked question.

So let’s satisfy your curiosity right away. Yes, you can have that fabulous, fulfilling sex life. And yes, being sexy is absolutely within your grasp. What does it take to make this happen?

Energy is definitely the essence of sexy.

Having great energy is vital to having great sex and being sexier. Being lethargic or sick does not make you sexy or give you the energy you need to have great sex. This is where diet and exercise come into play. Who is sexier, a person full of energy or one who is sick and tired?
Therefore, when I get the question, “Will eating raw food improve my sex life or make me sexy?”
My answer is a definite, “maybe.”


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Raw Food Diet for Dogs; A Simple Approach

Well, I told you this was coming next, and as promised, here it is. Thoughts about a Raw Food Diet for Dogs.

Many people have asked “why should I feed my dog that expensive Raw Food?” Well, there are a number of answers to that question … perhaps as many answers as there are dogs. My goodness, that would be a lot of answers and I am certainly not giving them all here. I will, however, give you my thoughts on Raw Food Diets for Dogs.

Why don’t we start with some benefits to feeding Bowser a Raw Food Diet. Lets see…hmmmm …..

1. A nice shiny coat – that’s always nice. Heck … everyone likes a nice new coat.
2. Smaller poop – yeah baby. Who likes cleaning all THAT up anyway.
3. The Dentist would be proud – Barky Bark will have much cleaner teeth.
4. ENERGY – unless your dog is already the terror of the neighborhood. This will get that Dog up and moving. Just like you and me.
5. What about a nicer smelling Dog. Yes, that’s a good thing. Everyone likes to smell good.
6. Have you checked the price of a bag of Dog Food lately? Yikes. How about saving some money!!
7. More of a ‘natural’ diet for the species. Better for the digestive tract. hmm … more about poop. 🙂
8. Perhaps the BEST reason. VET BILLS. Lets cut those by feeding properly. Huh, what a concept … saving money. 🙂

Not a bad list….but there’s more. You know it, I know it and the American People know it 🙂

How to:

1. You will want to buy the freshest, organic, organ meat and everyday (organic) meats you can. This is the base.
– Look for beef, pork, duck, bison and liver (Oh how they love liver) and poultry.

2. You need to know if your dog is overweight.
– Only so you can gauge how much to feed that crazy critter. Keep an eye on that.

3. Add to the base some organic vegetables.
– Finely chop some spinach, carrots and even some apples into the base. You can even steam the veggies.
– Make enough for 4 or 5 days because you can always freeze it.

4. Feed that Dog only the Raw Food. In other words, do not mix it with the dry dog food you are buying at the store. Dry dog food takes a long time to pass through the digestive tract. Raw is much quicker. You can alternate if you wish. One meal dry dog food and one meal Raw Dog Food but don’t mix them.

5. Your dog may be used to eating the store-bought product for some time, so lets ease them in slowly. Do not worry if you think they are not acting ‘normal’ when it comes to ‘pooping’. There will be an adjustment period. Its okay. Remember that the commercial product is infused with artificial ingredients and food coloring etc. It takes more than a day to detox your dog of all that unnecessary garbage.

6. Do not give up. Keep on until you see a new ‘spark’ in Sparky. A new bounce and a desire to … well you know. That Dog is going to love you for this.

7. Keep your eyes open to places and sales where you can obtain your meat and veggies cheaper and remember … if YOU are eating organic and partially raw … there are things you can share with your furry buddy.

8. Above all … Have Fun and experiment. Its fun to see your Dog on a Raw Food Diet and the new energy it will give them.

OH, and about that first question up top … It’s not that expensive to feed your Dog with organic food if you shop wisely. Obviously, that will be easy for you … after all you ARE looking at feeding you dog organically … and that’s wise. 🙂


Happy eating Rover.

Till next time … I remain …

The Nude Food Dude

Bless you

Raw Food Diet

Are you thinking of a Raw Food Diet? I am and I do, but its a gradual change. Someone asked me once “How the heck do you change from junk to Raw Food?” … great question. I know that I struggled with the same question. I loved the junk. Wow…did I. One day I asked a person much smarter than myself…”how do I make this change, from junk food or mostly junk food, to Raw Food?” And they said … “simply add one thing to your diet that is not there now but fits in with what you have studied about Raw Food” … Simple??? You would think so … but … I have a 3M mind. A Magical Magnifying Mind. I thought about that and thought about that and thought about it again. I thought about it so much that I confused myself and did nothing as a result.

I know what you might be thinking … its simple right … Right!!!! So back to the drawing board and my friend for one more visit. Urging me to simply add ‘one’ thing that I didn’t currently do. So, I added a morning shake. Now I tend to be a grandiose kind of guy and so nothing short of an expensive juicer and a Vitamix would suffice. I could tell you that that was the answer, but, nope. I was now spending hundreds on machines and greens and powders and vitamins and training and this and that. My wife began to like me being sick … it was cheaper. I am kidding of course, but it was cheaper … in the short run.

So now, after all of that, I added a nice healthy drink in the mornings made from fruits and vegetables in a simple machine that pulverizes everything into a nice drinkable breakfast. Am I all better yet, no … but I am well on my way. Just today … I decided … I hate ice cream. I know … but its true … I DECIDED … and you can too. Decide, that the things you ‘like’ that don’t do your body, your mind, or your spirit any good … that you hate them.

Start simple and add just one thing that you don’t do now and before you know it … you will be a newer, happier and more content … you!!!!

Next … A Raw Food Diet for my Dogs 🙂

Till next time …

Bless you …

The Nude Food Dude


GRAINS … It May be Best to Avoid Them

I’ve been toying, off and on, with the idea of eliminating grains for a while.   I love them though – they’re delicious in all their slightly sweet, grainy goodness.   Still, there’s little reason to incorporate them into the diet on a regular basis with the exception of one: personal preference.   I know, I know.   I can hear you now: “But they’re good for you!”   “But they reduce heart disease!” “But they have fiber!” Here’s a little food for thought: there’s no vitamin or mineral you can get from grain that you can’t get in better quantities elsewhere.   So let’s take a look:



Happy New Year … May Yours Be Blessed … and 9 Foods You Should Never Eat

Well, its here … 2014.  What a beautiful evening with just my lady and me enjoying some quality time together.

This site at this point is almost a bit of a journal for us.  The traffic has not yet built to the levels we would like to see although we have no doubt that it will.  We will look back in the future and this little note will give us cause to stop and reflect at where we were early in the morning of 2014.

So … Thank You to all of you that are and will be a part of the success of this venture and in so doing … we hope and pray that many will find health and a better life.

The NUMBER ONE Natural Health Website for the ninth straight year is and the NUMBER ONE article in 2013 was the one I will link to today.  Dr. Mercola has been a wealth of information and help for us during our health transformation so what would the New Year be without an article from Dr. Mercola … enjoy.

By Dr. Mercola

Many foods have been heavily promoted as being healthy when they are nothing more than pernicious junk foods. In the featured article, Clean Plates1 founder Jared Koch shared his list of nine staple foods that are far less “good for you” than you’ve been led to believe.

Here, I expand on the selections that are mentioned in the featured article.

read more …