Are Supplements and Vitamins important ?

Our bodies need certain amounts of vitamins and minerals for it to perform properly.  We will tend to get vitamins and minerals from a well-balanced diet, however, if your diet is lacking in vitamins and minerals and with the processing of foods most of the nutrient value is processed out of the foods we eat. 

Vitamin deficiency will be caused by a variety of different reasons,  poor diet being a big one.  Stress, smoking and too much alcohol will also cause vitamin deficiency.  Many prescription drugs will interfere with the body’s ability to assimilate vitamins. Let a good naturopath, or family doctor test for deficiency in your vitamin levels.  Another great option is to have a Live Blood Analysis done, it is inexpensive and will reveal many things. 

Now that you are beginning to eat a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, research to be sure you are getting exactly what your body needs.  Obviously you will not use vitamins and minerals that you buy to replace food,  however, you are now urged to research and discover what your body is lacking and choose those supplements.