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Why Raw Food?

“To eat is human, to digest divine.”… Mark Twaine.  Do We need enzymes to digest food? Absolutely!!! Our bodies also needs enzymes for every other function and chemical reaction to happen.  Enzymes ARE the difference between life and death.  Enzymes are produced ONLY in living organisms, but their capacity to make enzymes is limited.  We produce (need) two types of enzymes: metabolic, to operate our bodies, and digestive, for food digestion.   Where do enzymes come from?  To digest our food they come from living and  raw foods.  Their job is to release the nutrients of the food we eat.

There is much information available about cooking temperatures and at what heat do the enzymes present in food become destroyed  or almost non-existent.  Some experts say 104 degrees is the maximum heat to cook your food and the opinions seem to vary.  To be sure, it is certainly  not a good idea to cook your food above 118 degrees.  Cooking at temperatures below that will maintain their nutrient and enzyme capacity.  Human beings, animals and plants contain enzymes…all of course…living organisms.

Eating ‘raw food’ or increasing your intake of raw food WILL marinate your body, and yes, your soul, in life giving vitamins, nutrients and so importantly….enzymes.  You WILL notice more energy, more excitement for life, you WILL feel better and you WILL look better.

more to come…